The Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds: A Game-Changing Noise Canceling Experience

by Alex Chang

When it comes to noise canceling earbuds, many people have recommended the Bose Quiet Comfort series. As someone who is obsessed with the Bose qc45s, I finally decided to give the Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds a try. Sponsored by Bose, I was eager to see if these earbuds could deliver the same level of performance and comfort as their over-ear counterparts. In this article, I will provide a comprehensive review of the Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds, discussing their pricing, specifications, setup process, noise canceling capabilities, sound quality, immersive audio feature, comfort, and overall recommendation.

Pricing and Specifications

The Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds are set to release in October and will cost £299.95 in the UK. These earbuds offer some enticing upgrades compared to their predecessor, the Earbuds 2. Notably, they feature Bose’s immersive audio technology, Snapdragon sound certification with aptX adaptive high-res audio and low latency codec support, Google Fast Pair, a new metallic finish (available in black or white smoke), and a new notch/key alignment feature for the stability bands. Additionally, these earbuds are sweat and water-resistant (IPX4 rating) and offer Bluetooth 5.3 with a range of 9 meters and multi-point connectivity. The battery life is impressive, with six hours of listening time and an additional three charges in the charging case, providing a total listening time of 24 hours.

The Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds: A Game-Changing Noise Canceling Experience

Setup Process

The setup process for the Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds is seamless and user-friendly. Upon connecting the earbuds to your phone via Bluetooth, Bose’s app guides you through the setup process. During setup, you can choose to rename your earbuds from a list of predefined names or keep the default name. One interesting feature is the orchestral tone played when you put the earbuds in your ears. This tone is used to measure your ears for optimal sound and noise canceling performance. The app also provides instructions for selecting the right tips and bands and introduces the immersive audio feature through demos.

Unparalleled Noise Canceling

For the past year, Apple’s Airpods Pro have been my top recommendation for noise canceling earbuds. However, the Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds have dethroned them. The noise canceling on these earbuds is exceptional and surpasses any other pair I have tried in the past three years. This can be attributed to the custom tune technology, which automatically adjusts the noise cancellation based on your environment. Even without the active noise cancellation, the combination of the ear tip and band provides superior passive noise cancellation. The “aware mode,” which filters in outside noise, works remarkably well for remaining aware of your surroundings during calls. Another useful feature is that when one earbud is removed, the noise cancellation on the remaining earbud automatically lowers to provide a balanced listening experience. Overall, the noise canceling capabilities of the Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds are unparalleled.

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Impressive Sound Quality

The Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds deliver fantastic sound quality straight out of the box, without requiring any EQ adjustments. Bose has chosen a sound profile that fits a wide range of genres and delivers an immersive and non-fatiguing listening experience. The sound produced by these earbuds is surprisingly rich and spacious, defying their small size. They excel in clarity, with clear mids, detailed highs, and a creamy low end. While I am not an audiophile, I can confidently say that these earbuds sound well worth their price tag. And that’s before considering their headline feature – immersive audio.

Immersive Audio

The immersive audio feature on the Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds offers a unique and captivating listening experience compared to traditional stereo. There are two settings available: “still” and “motion.” In the “still” mode, it feels like you have speakers in front of you, and the audio remains fixed even when you turn your head. This setting is perfect for stationary activities like watching TV or listening to music. On the other hand, the “motion” mode creates the illusion of sound coming from different sources that follow your head movements. This setting is ideal for activities that involve movement, such as running or walking around the house. While it is challenging to explain the full effect without experiencing it firsthand, the immersive audio enhances Studio recordings, making them sound almost live. Live albums feel even more expansive and impactful with spatial audio. However, where immersive audio truly shines is when watching movies and TV shows. The still mode creates an immersive and cinematic experience, accentuated by the earbuds’ excellent bass response. Overall, immersive audio adds a new dimension to the listening experience, especially for multimedia content.

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Unmatched Comfort and Convenience

Living up to their name, the Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds are incredibly comfortable to wear for extended periods. The combination of the ear tip and rubber band ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Changing the tips and bands is a straightforward process, and the unique marker alignment feature simplifies swapping them in and out. The touch controls on the earbuds, including tap to play/pause, triple tap to go backwards, and swipe up/down to adjust volume, are intuitive and have not caused any accidental inputs. The earbuds also feature automatic play and pause when you remove them from your ears, a convenient feature absent in many other earbuds. Battery performance is excellent, and Bose provides an estimated battery percentage upon putting the earbuds in your ears. The charging case is compact, well-made, and satisfying to use.

The Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds: A Game-Changing Noise Canceling Experience

Conclusion: A New Standard for Noise Canceling Earbuds

In conclusion, the Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds have surpassed all expectations and set a new standard for noise canceling earbuds. The combination of their exceptional noise canceling capabilities, impressive sound quality, immersive audio feature, comfort, and convenient touch controls make them a must-have for anyone in the market for noise canceling earbuds. Priced at £299.95, these earbuds may seem expensive, but they more than justify the cost with their performance and overall listening experience. If you want to experience a truly transformative audio experience, the Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds should be at the top of your shopping list.

The Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Earbuds: A Game-Changing Noise Canceling Experience


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