Bose Sport Open Earbuds. Reviews 2024

by Alex Chang

Welcome to our latest feature article where we dive into the world of sports headphones with an in-depth look at the Bose Sport Open Earbuds. These innovative earbuds have captured the attention of fitness enthusiasts and casual listeners alike, thanks to their unique open-ear design. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how these earbuds perform in real-life scenarios. To achieve this, we’ve reached out to our community of tech lovers and sports aficionados, gathering a diverse range of opinions and experiences. From long-distance runners to gym-goers and outdoor adventurers, each review below reflects personal insights into the functionality, comfort, and audio quality of the Bose Sport Open Earbuds. Whether you’re considering upgrading your audio gear or curious about the open-ear design, these firsthand accounts will give you a clear picture of what to expect.


  1. “A Runner’s Companion”
Bose Sport Open Earbuds. Reviews 2024

Sophie T., Australia

“I’ve been using the Bose Sport Open Earbuds for my morning runs and I’m honestly impressed. The open-ear design is a game-changer, allowing me to stay alert to my surroundings without sacrificing sound quality. Battery life is decent, lasting through my long runs. However, I did notice they tend to slip a bit when I’m sweating a lot. Overall, a solid choice for outdoor activities.”

  1. “Great Sound, But Could Be More Comfortable”
Bose Sport Open Earbuds. Reviews 2024

Liam R., Canada

“The sound quality of these earbuds is amazing – clear, crisp, and with a good bass. But, after wearing them for more than an hour, they start to feel a bit uncomfortable on my ears. I wish Bose would improve the design to make them more comfortable for long periods.”

  1. “Perfect for Outdoor Workouts”
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Bose Sport Open Earbuds. Reviews 2024

Mia S., USA

“I’ve been looking for headphones that don’t block out all ambient noise for safety reasons, and these are perfect. They stay put during my most intense workouts and the sound quality is so good that I feel more motivated. They’re a bit pricey, but worth it for the safety and quality.”

  1. “Tech-Savvy & User Friendly”

Haruto Y., Japan

“Connecting these to my devices was a breeze, and I love how I can control everything with just a few taps. The sound is great for both music and calls. My only gripe is that the battery life could be better; I find myself charging them more often than I’d like.”

  1. “Not Ideal for All Ear Shapes”

Elena K., Greece

“I was excited about these earbuds, but unfortunately, they don’t fit my ears well. They’re either too loose or press uncomfortably against my ear. Sound quality is top-notch, though. I guess they’re just not designed for every ear shape.”

  1. “Impressed by the Durability”

Noah P., South Africa

“I’ve used these earbuds during workouts and in the rain, and they’ve held up impressively well. The sound quality hasn’t diminished, and the controls are still responsive. Bose has done a great job making these both durable and reliable.”

  1. “Good, But There’s Room for Improvement”

Ava L., UK

“These earbuds offer excellent sound and the open-ear design is a plus for outdoor safety. However, I’ve experienced occasional connectivity issues, especially in crowded areas. Also, the price point feels a bit high for the features offered.”

  1. “A Mixed Bag”
Bose Sport Open Earbuds. Reviews 2024

Carlos M., Brazil

“While the concept is great and the sound quality is there, I find the fit a bit awkward and they sometimes fall out during more vigorous activities. Also, the battery life isn’t as long as I’d hoped. They’re good, but not perfect.”

  1. “Exceptional for Daily Commutes”
Bose Sport Open Earbuds. Reviews 2024

Nadia Z., France

“I use these for my daily bike rides to work, and they’re fantastic. The open-ear design means I can hear traffic without any issues, and the audio quality makes my ride more enjoyable. They fit well and have become a staple in my daily routine.”

  1. “Quality Sound, Questionable Fit”

Marco T., Italy

“The audio experience with these earbuds is exactly what you’d expect from Bose – excellent. However, I struggle to keep them in place during faster-paced activities. They’re great for walking or light jogging, but anything more intense and I’m adjusting them frequently.”

Last Updated on February 6, 2024

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