Realme Buds T100 Review: A Tech Enthusiast’s Deep Dive

by Alex Chang
  1. What are the sound quality characteristics of the Realme Buds T100?
  2. How does the ergonomic design of the Buds T100 enhance user comfort?
  3. What features make the Realme Buds T100 suitable for gaming?
  4. What are the key specifications of the Realme Buds T100’s Bluetooth connectivity?
  5. What are the pros and cons of the Realme Buds T100 according to the review?

As a technology enthusiast and an audiophile, I am always on the lookout for audio devices that strike the perfect balance between quality, innovation, and value. Realme’s latest offering, the Buds T100, has caught my attention for all the right reasons. In this detailed review, I will dissect the various aspects of these earbuds to help you understand whether they live up to the hype.

Unmatched Audio Quality

Realme Buds T100 Review: A Tech Enthusiast's Deep Dive

Sound Engineering

The Realme Buds T100 boasts superior sound quality at any volume level. The earbuds offer a meticulously tuned balance across low, mid, and high frequencies. This balance ensures a wide range of sounds from deep bass to crystal-clear highs and clean vocals, making these compact earbuds a surprise package for any audiophile.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency ResponseImpedanceSensitivity
20 Hz – 20,000 Hz16 OhmsTBD dB/V

User Experience

Ideal for music, movies, or gaming, these earbuds promise an immersive sound experience that adds depth and intensity to your favorite content.

Ergonomics and Design

Comfortable Fit

The ergonomic design of the Buds T100 ensures comfort during extended use. They fit snugly in your ear without any discomfort, thanks to their light weight and compactness. Special ear holders prevent them from falling out during vigorous activities.

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Stylish Appearance

Realme has paid special attention to the design, making these earbuds not just functional but also a stylish accessory with their minimalist design, combining sleek surfaces and matte finishes.

Connectivity and Performance

Realme Buds T100 Review: A Tech Enthusiast's Deep Dive

Stable Connection

Equipped with a three-layer connection technology, the Buds T100 provides a stable connection with an extended range of up to 10 meters, offering wireless freedom and comfort.

Bluetooth Specifications:

Bluetooth VersionSupported CodecsRange
5.3AAC, SBCUp to 10 m

Durability and Build Quality

Water Resistance

With an IPX5 rating, the Buds T100 are resistant to sweat and water splashes, making them suitable for sports and outdoor activities.

Build Materials

Constructed from high-quality glossy plastic, the earbuds are lightweight yet durable, weighing only 4 grams each.

Gaming and Additional Features

Specialized for Gamers

The Buds T100 comes with a pre-installed Gaming Mode, ensuring high-quality sound and minimal connectivity delay, a boon for gamers.

Voice Assistant

The inclusion of a voice assistant feature allows quick access to applications without manual intervention.

Battery Life and Charging

Realme Buds T100 Review: A Tech Enthusiast's Deep Dive

Impressive Battery Performance

The earbuds offer up to 28 hours of battery life without recharging, sufficient for prolonged gaming or music sessions.

Charging Case Specifications:

Case Battery CapacityCharging TimeUSB Type
400 mAh0.83 hoursUSB Type-C

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable quality.
  • Easy compatibility with various devices.
  • Efficient microphone focusing on your voice.


  • Difficulty in extracting earbuds from the case.
  • The matte finish of the case is prone to stains and slipperiness.
  • Lack of software for equalizer settings.


Realme Buds T100 stands out as a noteworthy contender in the wireless earbud market. With its exceptional sound quality, ergonomic design, stable connectivity, and gamer-friendly features, it caters to a wide range of users. While it has a few drawbacks, the pros significantly outweigh the cons, making it a compelling choice for anyone seeking quality audio experience without breaking the bank.

Last Updated on December 24, 2023

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