Raycon Earbuds Upgrade: Are the Changes Worth it?

by Alex Chang

As a dedicated reviewer of audio products, I thought I had tested and reviewed every single pair of earbuds from Raycon. However, they recently reached out to me to introduce their upgraded versions of the two most popular models. In this article, I will evaluate whether these upgrades have changed my opinion on their earbuds. Specifically, I will be discussing the Fitness Earbuds and the Everyday Earbuds.

Unboxing and Design

Both the Fitness Earbuds and Everyday Earbuds come in a similar packaging. The Fitness Earbuds, however, include additional accessories such as ear tips of different sizes and ear hooks. Both models have a sleek and polished exterior design made of hard plastic, with the Fitness Earbuds featuring a soft-touch matte texture. While the Fitness Earbuds come with ear hooks for added comfort, the Everyday Earbuds have a simpler design without ear hooks. The cases for both models have a soft-touch finish and are compact and portable.

Raycon Earbuds Upgrade: Are the Changes Worth it?

Feature Set

Both the Fitness Earbuds and Everyday Earbuds offer an array of useful features. The Fitness Earbuds are completely waterproof, thanks to the rubber cover for the USB-C port. Both models are water-resistant to different degrees. The Fitness Earbuds have touch controls, allowing for various gestures such as play/pause, volume controls, and even switching between different listening modes. The Everyday Earbuds, on the other hand, have physical buttons that are soft and easy to press. Both models also feature three sound profiles and support wireless charging.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, both the Fitness Earbuds and Everyday Earbuds sound identical to me. It is recommended to use the balance mode, as the other modes tend to emphasize certain issues like muddy bass or tinny highs. With the balance mode, the sound is enjoyable, and genres like pop, hip hop, orchestral, metal, and country sound great. However, the audio separation is not as good due to the narrow sound stage typically found in earbuds. Nevertheless, for most non-audiophiles, these earbuds offer satisfactory sound quality.

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Raycon Earbuds Upgrade: Are the Changes Worth it?

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, the Everyday Earbuds offer approximately 8 hours per charge, with a total of 32 hours of battery life when combined with the charging case. This means you can get about 4 full charges from the case, providing an entire day’s worth of use. The Fitness Earbuds, on the other hand, offer an impressive 54 hours of battery life in total, lasting around 8 hours per charge. This model also provides several charges from the charging case.


In conclusion, Raycon has made significant improvements with their latest upgrades to the Fitness Earbuds and Everyday Earbuds. The sound quality, especially in balance mode, is commendable, and the battery life of both models is excellent. Other notable features include touch controls on the Fitness Earbuds and physical buttons on the Everyday Earbuds. While there are some areas for improvement, such as the other sound profiles and audio separation, these earbuds offer great value for the money. I am confident in recommending them and appreciate Raycon’s efforts in taking user feedback into account.

Raycon Earbuds Upgrade: Are the Changes Worth it?
FeatureFitness EarbudsEveryday Earbuds
DesignSleek, polished with ear hooksSleek, polished without ear hooks
Additional AccessoriesEar tips of different sizes and ear hooksNot mentioned
TextureSoft-touch matte textureNot mentioned
WaterproofCompletely waterproofWater-resistant to a degree
ControlsTouch controlsPhysical buttons
Sound ProfilesThreeThree
Wireless ChargingSupportedSupported
Sound QualityIdentical to Everyday Earbuds, satisfactory in balance modeIdentical to Fitness Earbuds, satisfactory in balance mode
Battery Life per Charge8 hours8 hours
Total Battery Life54 hours32 hours

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