Top 5 Open-Back Headphones for Audiophiles in 2023

by Alex Chang

As an avid technology enthusiast and audiophile, I understand the importance of having the right pair of headphones. Open-back headphones, known for their expansive soundstage and natural sound reproduction, are particularly revered in the audiophile community. In this article, we delve into the top 5 open-back headphones of 2023, offering detailed insights for those seeking the ultimate audio experience.

Focal Utopia 2022: Unparalleled Sound Quality

The Pinnacle of Audio Engineering

The Focal Utopia 2022 stands at the zenith of headphone technology, offering unmatched sound quality. What sets them apart is their use of high-end materials like carbon, contributing to their futuristic design. The sound quality is unchallenged, making them a top pick for audiophiles who demand the best.


Their luxury comes at a price, making them one of the most expensive options on the market. Additionally, they require a high-quality source device to truly shine, making them suitable for serious audiophiles with existing high-end audio setups.

Audeze LCD-5: The Audiophile’s Choice

Exquisite Midrange Detail

The Audeze LCD-5 is renowned for its exceptional detail in the midrange, coupled with a dynamic performance that’s both weighty and refined. These headphones are not just about sound; their luxurious materials and finishing make them a statement piece.

Usage and Comfort

Geared towards studio and home use due to their bulky design, the LCD-5 might not be ideal for on-the-go listening. However, for stationary audiophiles, they offer an unparalleled listening experience.

Grado SR80x: The Legacy Continues

Iconic Design Meets Modern Sound

The Grado SR80x, a continuation of an iconic series, blends a classic aesthetic with modern sound compatibility. Its American legacy and New York assembly add to its charm, making it a popular choice among audiophiles who appreciate heritage in their audio devices.

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Comfort and Compatibility

While some users might find the original pads uncomfortable, this can be easily remedied with aftermarket options. Its compatibility with a wide range of music genres makes it a versatile choice for diverse audiophile preferences.

Samson SR850: Exceptional Value

Spacious Sound on a Budget

For audiophiles on a budget, the Samson SR850 presents an outstanding option. It offers a clean and spacious sound profile and an impressive soundstage for its price range. Additionally, its potential for acoustic modifications adds to its appeal for DIY enthusiasts.

Build and Comfort

The synthetic earpads might cause heat build-up during extended listening sessions. However, considering its affordability and sound quality, these are minor drawbacks.

Hifiman HE400SE: Best Bang for Your Buck

Rich Sound, Affordable Price

The Hifiman HE400SE stands out for offering the signature Hifiman sound at a more accessible price point. Its excellent build quality and rich sound, including commendable bass, make it a top choice for value-conscious audiophiles.

Uncompromised Quality

Remarkably, there are no significant drawbacks to the HE400SE. Its combination of price, quality, and performance makes it an unbeatable option for those seeking quality without breaking the bank.


The world of open-back headphones is diverse, offering options for every audiophile, whether you seek the pinnacle of sound quality, value for money, or a balance of both. The Focal Utopia 2022, Audeze LCD-5, Grado SR80x, Samson SR850, and Hifiman HE400SE each bring something unique to the table, catering to different preferences and budgets. As technology continues to evolve, these headphones stand as a testament to the incredible advancements in audio engineering, offering unparalleled experiences for audiophiles around the world.

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