One Audio A10: A Budget Headphone Worth Considering

by Alex Chang

One Audio has already established itself in the market as a reliable provider of budget headphones that offer great performance. With the success of the A70, they have now released the A10, which focuses on active noise cancellation (ANC) and provides a combination of stylish design and house tuning. In this article, we will discuss the pros, cons, and whether it’s worth getting yourself a One Audio A10.

Unboxing and Design

One Audio A10: A Budget Headphone Worth Considering

The One Audio A10 comes packaged in a minimal and detail-filled box, giving it a sleek appearance. Opening the box reveals a sturdy headphone case with the One Audio logo, along with the instruction manual and necessary cables. The headphone itself has a minimalist design that rivals more expensive models in the market. The smooth lines flow between different parts, creating a visually pleasing illusion of continuity. However, the lack of additional padding on the top and the warmth of the ear pads can make them uncomfortable for extended use. Overall, the build quality is decent for a budget headphone, but not exceptional.

Sound Quality

The sound signature of the One Audio A10 is similar to other One Audio headphones, with an emphasis on bass and treble. However, the sound feels limited and lacks depth, with poor imaging and instrumental separation. If you’re expecting audiophile-grade audio quality, you’ll be disappointed. Where the A10 shines is in ANC performance. It effectively blocks a lot of noise, making travel and commuting much more enjoyable. However, due to the build quality and lack of isolation, the ANC of the A10 is not as impressive as it could be.

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Battery Life

One Audio A10 boasts an impressive 50 hours of battery life, which is excellent considering its price range. We were able to rely on them for three to four hours a day for a whole week without needing to recharge. This long battery life is a significant selling point for the A10.

Feature/AspectOne Audio A10
DesignMinimalist and sleek
PackagingDetail-filled and minimal
ComfortLack of padding, warm ear pads
Sound QualityLimited depth, poor imaging
ANC PerformanceEffective but could be improved
Battery LifeImpressive 50 hours
Overall PerformanceDecent considering its price


The One Audio A10 is a budget headphone that offers a decent design and a long battery life. However, it falls short in terms of ANC performance due to its build quality and lack of detailed audio. Despite these drawbacks, the A10 is still a viable option, considering its price range. If you are looking for a slightly better option, you could consider the Sonoflow, which is priced around $30 higher and offers overall better performance. Ultimately, whether you choose the One Audio A10 or not depends on your priorities and preferences.

Positive AspectsNegative Aspects
Minimalist and sleek designLack of additional padding on the top
Detail-filled packagingWarmth of the ear pads
Comes with a sturdy headphone caseLimited sound depth and poor imaging
Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) featureLackluster instrumental separation
Impressive 50 hours of battery lifeANC performance not as impressive as it could be due to build quality and lack of isolation
Reliable for a whole week without rechargingNot audiophile-grade audio quality
Good performance considering its price range
One Audio A10: A Budget Headphone Worth Considering

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